Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I see about . . . ?

A.  No one.  Remember the first rule is: there are no rules.  The second is: no one is in charge.  While we (Jim and Dave) have invested the time and effort to get this off the ground, and have an understandable pride in the initial success, we have no desire to regulate what other activities may or may not be spawned from the gathering.

Q. Why donít we do this on Sunday mornings too?

A. There is nothing preventing anyone from visiting the donut shop any and every morning.  From our perspective, however, we donít want to wear out our welcome in the shopping center, so we wonít promote it.  Our better halves might cry foul if we get too carried away with this.  Besides, Dave often flies his model airplanes early on Sundays, and Jim likes to sleep in.

Q.  Have you thought about organizing a cruise night or other nighttime gathering?

A.  No, we have taken on enough already.  Besides, Jim turns into a pumpkin at sundown, and Dave is often busy on the website.  If someone else is interested in organizing one, we will sure support and promote the effort.

Q.  Are you going to do a T-shirt?

A.  No.  If someone else wants to do a T-shirt, fine.  Perhaps Sam could sell them in his donut shop.  It is important to us to keep this endeavor pure fun and untouched by hierarchy, rules, OR money.

Q.  Could we do a swap meet?

A.  Already some swapping has occurred and a car changed hands.  We have no grief with that.  We would have a problem with laying parts out on the parking lot, which could invite difficulties with the City or the management of shopping center.